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Dogma? What, why, how?...
A first introduction, taken from one of the live Dogma Detox Dialogues

Conflicting Dogma

Dogma causes struggle

A common yet unknown cause of individual & collective struggle is dogmatic tension. Dogmatic tension shows up when an authoritative idea of ‘This is how it should be’ clashes with with the reality of ‘What is happening now’. And it happens in all areas of life: health, relationships, finance, work and spiritual development.

Here's what we're talking about... obvious Dogma in the 4 pillars of life

This tension is of course more alive than ever, because we live in an information era that has more experts and authorities firing more ideas i.e. truths at you every minute. You might have become increasingly aware of this tension.

However, 99% of dogma is doing its damage underneath the surface; it’s working against the grain, on so many different levels, without you being aware of it. This hidden dogma causes a sense of stuckness and restriction, without you understanding why.

The Dogma Detox Guys - Joel Young (L), Arnold Timmerman (R)

We're here to help

We, Arnold Timmerman and Joel Young, offer quick and innovative ways to diagnose and clear (i.e. detox) any kind of hidden dogma, getting you back on track and even letting you excel in the most turbulent times.

​You will have access to our combined 35 years of teaching cutting-edge mind-body health seminars, coaching and therapy.  We have been working around the globe with the deepest mental, emotional and physical issues that people face across all kinds of cultural and professional backgrounds.

These short videos offer a taste of the more obvious dogma
that we we’ve come across in our work.
We've found that dogma is threaded through the 4 pillars of life:
health, relationship, money and spirituality.
The 4 pillars get perceived and expressed differently at home or at work.
Yet, the dogmatic tension and stuckness is essentially the same no matter what context.

What's the best path to health & vitality?

What defines whether a relationship is healthy or not?

'Money makes you happy' or
'More money more problems'?

What does TRUE authenticity and enlightenment look like?

Ankie de WertThe Netherlands

I was at two Dialogues with the Dogma Detox guys and I experienced how tension can fall away from you in a short time, how you can get relaxed in the same situation that had been causing stress for years.